Vaseline be an Effective Substitute to Lubricants?

People have been asking this questions since as long as time itself. Can we use it, though? To lighten our sex lives and improve our moods?

Well, the truth is that Vaseline is a “petroleum jelly” basically, an oil-based compound. Sure, it is soft, smooth and slippery but the thing is that it is still not something made to be used as lube. It is no doubt that a vaginal lubricant is soft and slippery but that area is a somewhat sensitive area. Its pH level must always be maintained.

In fact, sometimes, even the lubes that are literally made for this purpose can displease you and make you uncomfortable. So that really isn’t an ideal choice to use. In fact, in very crude terms, it would be okay to say that it is just not slippery enough.

Here are a few other reasons why it should not be used:

  1. It can mess things up down there.

Vaseline can work as a good lubricant, but it also has a habit of juststaying there. This means that it won’t dry out as quickly as a routine vaginal lube. It can be difficult to wash away and create tons of irritation and itchiness for you.

  1. It isn’t healthy.

Using Vaseline can get you prone to bacterial vaginosis. It is basically that the vagina is infected with a virus. Using Vaseline as lube can also make you more prone to other sexual diseases.

  1. It can tear apart condoms.

It can. It really can. Vaseline’s major constituent is oil, so it has the ability to destroy rubber condoms. Condoms are essential when all things are considered. Not only will it reduce the possibility of having babies but also reduce the possibility of any sexual disease being transmitted to you from the other if you don’t know the person’s medical history (and even if you do).

  1. It can leave stains.

Vaseline is messy as it can leave stains on your sheets with greasy spots. All petroleum products are so even if you do use it despite the other mentioned reasons, take proper care of any or all fabrics there are!

lubes that are literally made for this purpose can displease you

lubes that are literally made for this purpose can displease you if used for a long time as it contains local inesthisia which can seriously harm your desire to have sex. so i always suggest kamavatar as it is 100% natural, cost-effective and result- oriented.

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