Various Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is experienced when a man finds it uncomfortable and awkward in maintaining a firm erection to be able to have intercourse. Erectile dysfunction interferes in other sexual activity as well. There are a vast majority of men who periodically face some kind of issues with their penis to become hard or staying firm.

Nevertheless, the problem is addressed as erectile dysfunction if sexual activities have been impossible on a significant number of occasions. Individuals who have such sexual inconveniences tend to be hesitant about talking with their doctor as they consider this an embarrassing issue. However, erectile dysfunction is a common problem, and there are various remedies available if the cause of erectile dysfunction in the individual is known.

Physical Causes:

  • The first step to identifying the underlying reason behind erectile dysfunction is consulting a physician about persistent erection and sexual problems. There are possible chances that it may be caused due to serious illness. A thorough diagnosis can help find a proper resolution to the issue and help resolve the sexual difficulties. The most popular causes of ED are due to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity, multiple sclerosis, and hormonal disorders.
  • There are also theories about how riding a bicycle can cause erectile dysfunction. Men who ride their bicycle regularly for long hours have a higher risk of being prone to erectile. A recent study proved that there is absolutely no link between riding a bicycle and erectile dysfunction, but there is an inclination to being at risk of prostate cancer when on a bicycle for long hours.

Psychological Causes:

There are sporadic cases where a man always had erectile dysfunction, to begin with. This is called primary erectile dysfunction and usually occurs in men who face psychological troubles. The psychological factors can include guilt, depression, anxiety, fear of love and intimacy. Many erectile dysfunctions cases are secondary. Problems that are recent and persistent are usually physical.

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