3 Things you should know about Orgasm when it comes to men:

The orgasm is a powerful physical pleasure and sensation which causes a discharge of accumulated sexual tension. When all the tense muscles that were tightened during sexual arousal relax, you reach the peak of sexual arousal which is an orgasm. Orgasm occurs when the highest peak of arousal is reached.

The male orgasm is mainly accompanied by the ejaculation or release of semen.

The 3 facts that you must know about orgasm when it comes to men are mentioned below.

  1. It positively affects health:
  • Orgasm have several positive benefits to health as the chemicals and hormones released from the body during climax helps in maintaining good health.
  • Frequent ejaculation might help in the reduction of several cancers like prostate cancer and heart diseases in men.
  • The hormones oxytocin and endorphins that are released during orgasm have found to help in relaxation.
  • Researchers say that orgasm may cure headaches and migraines as your body releases endorphin hormones which are powerful pain blockers.
  • The most excited part of the brain during orgasm is the ventral tegument area, which is loaded with receptors needed for neurotransmitters related to reward. It is often compared to the high of a drug.
  1. The pre-cum might impregnate the women:

The pre-ejaculate fluid which helps to lubricate the intercourse can also impregnate a woman as the pre-cum, or pre-ejaculate fluid has millions of sperm cells of which only 1 sperm cell is enough for the fertilization.

  1. Obesity might affect sperm production:

The average ejaculate fluid release during the climax is 3.4ml, but when the man is overweight or obese, the quantity of semen or ejaculation fluid released will decrease to 2 ml or even less. This is mostly because the extra fat will put pressure on the abdominal region and might increase temperature which will directly affect the production of semen or ejaculation fluid.

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