The Truth about male contraceptive pills

The global population is growing at a tremendous rate which is not good. There seem only a few ways for a man to control the pregnancy of women that is Condoms or vasectomy. No, male contraceptive pills are equally effective and do not have side-effects. These contraceptive pills reduce the rate the sperm motility thus decreasing the probability for the sperm to fuse with an egg.

Types of Contraceptives

There are two types of contraceptives: Hormonal contraceptive and Non-Hormonal contraceptive.

  • Hormonal contraceptive is used to stop the development of healthy sperm using a synthetic hormone. These are tested through various organizations for side-effects. They do not contain any such chemical which might adversely affect the sex drive of men. Some of them are DMAU.
  • Non- Hormonal contraceptives are used to stop the fertility of the sperm using other methods such as Vasectomy. These methods bear no side-effects and ensure 99% safe prevention of pregnancy.

How do the Pills help?

All these methods are for the prevention of pregnancy. Contraceptive pills are easy to take, and they bear no side-effects on sexual ability in men. The medicines are developed under appropriate scientific guidance. The pills stop the motility of the sperm, and the sperm is not able to swim through the vaginal tube. The tablets do not harm the sexual drive in men as in some in cases it often increases sexual urge. Others methods of contraception like operation or injection are painful, but pills are easy to take, cheap and effective.

So, you should know more about contraceptive pills and take the right medicines to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Read about the ingredients thoroughly before you begin taking such pills. Lack of awareness often leads to misunderstanding among the public. The tablets are tested on every parameter so take advantage of it.

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