How does yoga help to bring about sexual health?

Yoga is exercise and a combination of various poses which help a person to control his body and mind. Yoga has been proved to improve our lifestyle and health; it maintains our shape and helps to increase stamina. But the benefits of yoga are much more than you thought. It is a fact that yoga has helped people to improve their sex life as well. To all of your surprise, the poses which help you to improve are straightforward and easy.

Mainly yoga decreases stress, which eventually means increased sexual desires and improvement in sexual life. Sex and yoga both will help you maintain the physical, emotional, and mental state. The poses which are required to be done are –

1. Cats pose (marjaryasana), and cow pose (bitilasana) – These poses help in loosening up your spine and relax. It reduces stress as well and enables you to get in the mood.

2. Bridges pose (setu bandha sarvangsana) – This pose strengthens your pelvic floor and strengthening the pelvis area will reduce the pain while you have sex.

3. Happy baby (ananda BAL asana) – This pose helps you to stretch your lower back and gluteus. It helps you to try missionary position more quickly.

4. One-legged pigeon (eka pada rajakapotasana) -This pose helps in opening up your hips and legs more. Tight hips can make your sex more uncomfortable, and due you opening up of your hips, you can more positions in a better way.

5. Child’s pose (BAL asana) – This isthe best way to stretch and open up your hips, and it also gives deep relaxation. This pose is responsible for dealing with your stress and anxiety.

6. Corpse pose (savasana) – This pose is performed in the end because it reduces your stress and helps you to relax and regain your energy. It helps you to charge your body and deals with stress.
Try these poses daily, and you will eventually see the changes and improvement in yourself and your sex life.

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