Things Men should not try in Bed

While being good in Bed can solve little misunderstandings and give way to a healthier relationship, they can also extend those misunderstandings if the performance is not up to your partner’s expectations. There are quite a few things that women do not like in Bed, and you should avoid doing them.

  • Do not fake it: Your partner highly appreciates honesty both in and out of Bed. Faking an orgasm is a big NO and can ruin your moment. Your partner will surely know it and not like it.
  • Foreplay: When in the mood, do not start straight instead start with some foreplay to bring passion and heat in the frame. Do not be in a hurry and show how desperate you are.
  • Mutual decision: Do not ever insist on having sex or force each other. Go for it only when mutually in the mood to make sure you have it right.
  • Noises: While some of them can heat the moment, most of them can ruin it. The only thing is not to imitate any movie scene and be real.
  • Talk: Talking can be a turn on or a turn off for some of the ladies. Find out what she loves and follow it. She would surely love it!
  • Trying new things: Try new things in Bed only after you have talked to her, and she agrees.
  • Fantasies: Do not be afraid to share your extra kinky fantasies with your partner.
  • Imperfections: Do not point out any physical faults; otherwise, it might be your first and last time. Learn to accept people with their flaws.
  • Taking pictures: Recording a video or taking photos even if she disagrees will shatter the tiniest amount of trust you have built. Being dominating is good, but in this case, surely not.

As I said While being good in Bed can solve little misunderstandings and give way to a healthier relationship and to reach that goal it is most important to understand that sexual health should be the priority to focus on. And kamavatar is the brand that everyone can trust in today’s market as it is genuine and 100% ayurvedic.

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